There is nothing cozier in the winter than lighting up a fire and cuddling up under a blanket with a warm beverage. But, what do you do with that fireplace all the other months and days of the year when you aren’t using it. Or perhaps, you are in the predicament where you have a fireplace, but it isn’t up to code to actually light a fire in it.

Fear not – we’ve come up with 10 fireplace mantle décor ideas that are sure to inspire you. Forget the classic photo lined mantle, or stockings hung up with care, these fireplace mantles make you wish you had a fireplace, if for nothing but the great décor opportunity.

The Faux Fireplace

Can’t use your fireplace to actually light a fire, or just love the look of a mantle? Consider filling the base with a mirror backdrop and candles to give the room a warm feeling.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Want to enhance the size of your space? Add a decorative mirror to your mantle to give the illusion of a larger room.

Pop Of Colour

Use your mantle to add a splash of colour to a space the same way you can with a throw pillow. Pick one or two shades and find decorative items in this colour to add to your mantle.  Not only will it bring people’s eyes to this space, but it will also help colour balance the entire room.

Balancing Act

If you love straight lines and evenly spaced items, then go ahead and apply this thinking to your fireplace mantle.   Find duplicate items (picture frames, candles, vases) and balance them on each side of the mantle, generally around a statement piece in the middle like a clock, mirror or picture.

Into the Woods

Do you love integrating wood accents into your home? What better place than on the fireplace mantle! Contrast a solid colour base with a wood finished mantle to give your fireplace a rustic chic feel.

Celebrate the Holidays

If you’re the type of person who has a bin of decorations for every holiday, than this idea is for you! Consider changing out your fireplace mantle based on upcoming holidays. The benefit of this idea is that there is always something new for your guests to check out when they come over!

The Beach House

Let the memories of having a beach bonfire inspire your mantle. From jars of sand, to rustic looking frames and seashells – these beach inspired mantles have us feeling warmer already!

Just Mantle, No Place

This solution allows just about anybody to have a fireplace mantle in their home – whether you have a fireplace or not! While you may not be able to cozy up on a cold night, you can still reap all the benefits of the classic décor a mantle brings to a room.

‘Tis the Season

Use fresh flowers, fruit or other natural items to help give your mantle a seasonal facelift. The bonus is you don’t have to overhaul the frames, vases etc. if you keep their design simple (whites, blacks, grey) and just change out the contents based on the season.

Logs on Logs on Logs

Another great solution if you aren’t able to use the base of your fireplace. Check out these DIY options for creating a wall of stacked logs, that will give your fireplace that rustic feeling.

Have a great idea that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below and share your favourite fireplace mantle décor ideas with us @remaxca or on pinterest.