Maybe you think you’ll be just fine trying to sell your home on your own. After all, it’s usually a good thing to be fiercely independent. But sometimes, it’s best to seek out assistance from the experts. When you’re feeling sick, you go see the doctor. When your computer is acting up, you seek out a technology savant. And if you’re selling your home and looking to maximize the number of showings, it’s probably a good idea to turn to a REALTOR®. Here are four reasons why:

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  1. Making Sure the Price is Right

No matter the quality of your home or your neighbourhood, you may be missing out on potential buyers if your asking price doesn’t fit within the market conditions. That’s where the expertise of a REALTOR® can come in handy. Price your home too high, and you’ll discourage potential buyers. Set it at market value, or a touch lower, and you’ll entice buyers out for a bargain! Your agent can factor in market trends, your neighbourhood’s desirability, plus the physical value of your home and the investments you’ve made into it, to find a listing price that’s truly sound. Enter this discussion with your agent with an open mind. It’s common for homeowners to envision an asking price that’s a touch too high; there’s so much emotion wrapped up in the home that can blind homeowners to the true market value. An agent can share the sometimes hard truth of your home’s value, but they’ll also ensure your home sells at a price you’re happy with, and nothing less.

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2. Connecting the Dots

It’s often said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And when it comes to selling a home, REALTORS® know all the right people to increase the number of showings. In addition to having access to fellow agents and customer databases, REALTORS® can connect you to other professionals in the industry that can hugely benefit your sale, like stagers and photographers (iPhone photos simply won’t do!). On top of finding the right professionals to assist you, REALTORS® can reach out to fellow agents to help find the perfect buyer if your house sits outside the norm.

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3. Showing Off to the World

REALTORS® have the know-how to help you figure out the best way to promote your home, from optimizing your MLS listing and formulating an online marketing plan, to printing signage and flyers and organizing open houses. And let’s not forget, hosting an open house takes precious time out of your busy day. An agent will save you hours upon hours by hosting your open house, allowing you to enjoy some free time…(most likely spent going to other open houses!).

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4. Coming Together

Selling a home, like any big undertaking, is a team effort. Having a teammate with plenty of experience to help you through the process—and who can organize showings even when you’re not around—is a big boost. Remember to be flexible in your schedule, allow your agent to access your home when needed. It’s often helpful to vacate your home for a couple days, if you can, which will increase the number of showings your agent can hold. It also saves you from having to clean your house like a madman, prior to showings. You can do one big clean, leave for a couple days, and return to your, hopefully, sold house!

You may think you can do it all on your own, but don’t underestimate the power of a real-estate expert in getting your home sold. You might also like: Prep Like a Professional for Your Open House, found on

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