There are many reasons to move to Manitoba. This is a thriving, centrally located province with many communities to choose from, with Winnipeg being the largest urban centre. Manitoba has a solid and stable economy with plenty of job opportunities, high salaries and a low cost of living. Skip the other more-crowded provinces and enjoy the wide-open spaces and endless opportunities in the heart of Canada.

Here are five top reasons to move to Manitoba:

Manitoba has an abundance of job opportunities. Manitoba is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing commercial provinces in Canada, with 10 out of the 20 most in-demand jobs in Canada being present. Additionally, the average salary is higher than the national average. For example, although Ontario is regarded as the Tech Capital of Canada, software engineers in Manitoba make an average salary of $100,000 per year, well above the national average and the Ontario average.

Manitoba has a low cost of living. It is one of the most affordable places in Canada in terms of housing and amenities. Winnipeg is not only the third most-affordable Canadian city to live, but is also cheaper than 81 per cent of all cities in North America. While the average cost of living in Vancouver is $3,497 per month and $3,472 in Toronto, In Manitoba it is $2,184. Housing prices here are among the lowest in the country, with the average selling price sitting at $386,416 in April 202, per the Manitoba Real estate Association.

Manitoba isn’t “just” prairies. Despite being located far from oceans and mountains, Manitoba offers a variety of scenic environments. Travel north to Churchill to enjoy the Hudson Bay and polar bear watching; drive an hour east of Winnipeg to enter the Canadian Shield and boreal forests; Manitoba even has its own desert among its 92 provincial parks! In fact, Manitoba has one of the highest rates of vacation home ownership in Canada. So don’t be fooled by those who say that Manitoba is all prairie – while prairies certainly make up a large part of Manitoba’s landscape, there is so much more to the province than that!

Winnipeg is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Manitoba is sunny year-round but remains cool thanks to its wind. In fact, Winnipeg ranks third on the list of the sunniest cities in Canada, with 2,353 bright sunny hours and 316 sunny days per year. The prairies cause the temperatures to be more extreme than other places in Canada that are moderated by mountains and oceans, so Manitoba is the place to be if you want hot summers and cold winters. There are beaches scattered across the province for beach days in summer, and it gets an abundance of snow so that you can enjoy winter sports. Winnipeg even boasts one of the longest ice-skating trails in Canada, averaging about 10 km each year depending on river conditions.

Manitoba is moderately populated and central to everything in Canada. Commercial activity in Manitoba attracts a lot of entertainment providers, businesses and academic institutions. Combined with the lower cost of living, you can pay less for these services than in other parts of Canada. With the largest city in Manitoba being Winnipeg, you can also get away from the large cities in other provinces. Because of its central location in Canada and North America, Winnipeg offers easy travel access to most places in Canada and the United States. Tourists can even visit the geographic centre of North America not too far away from Winnipeg!

In the 150 years since Manitoba was founded as Canada’s fifth province, it has grown and thrived thanks to a robust and diversified economy, a healthier work-life balance than other places in Canada, and affordable housing and amenities. Its capital city of Winnipeg offers plenty of entertainment, employment, and education options to suit any newcomer, more affordably than in other places in Canada. Manitoba’s residents represent diverse cultures and come from more than 150 countries across the globe, meaning that no matter your heritage and background, you will find your place here in the heart of Canada.