After a long day of hustle and bustle, arriving home for a rest seems ideal. Most times coming home means more chaos since things need cleaning, and family members need to be cared for. For the most part there is always one space that will always remain private and that’s the bathroom.

This is why we think it’s so important to make sure the one private place in the house maintains an oasis feeling all the time. We came up with a few simple tricks that will help you build a relaxing space you want to come home to.

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Decorate With Candles

There is something about candles, the flicker just starts making our eyelids heavy. Having a couple candles lit versus having the lights on is really peaceful especially when taking a bath. Just make sure the candles are in a secure place and nothing flammable is within reach of the flame.

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Incorporate Natural Materials

Add some hints of wood or stone to the interior will make your indoor oasis feel like you have done a little globetrotting to get there. The way it feels to step on stones leading up to the shower evokes visions of hidden waterfalls in a tropical sanctuary.

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Add Some Greenery

It is ever so popular to incorporate the outdoors in your interiors. A few flowers, some green ferns or spider plants, help to make you feel alive in your bathroom. It is an easy fix if you don’t want to spend too much money, the only thing required would be to change the greens around every once in a while especially if using fresh cut flowers. Just make sure the plants you choose can handle humidity and low light.

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Natural Light

Even early mornings feel great when you have the sun on your side. Replace heavy window coverings with sheers, or consider removing them entirely and replace them with window film, which is easy to apply and remove, and offers privacy while letting the light stream in.

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Get Personal

Tailor your bathroom to your lifestyle and your likes. Surround yourself with things that relax and reinvigorate you. Splurge on those extra-fluffy towels, indulge in bubbles and bath bombs, get the cozy bath mat and tub tray. Even a small and simple bathroom can become an oasis in this often hectic, sometimes crazy world. You deserve a sweet retreat.

Photos and content courtesy of Toronto Home Shows.