Achievement, leadership and productivity are major elements in the RE/MAX culture. Individuals, teams, brokerages and regions who excel in these areas have a deep, positive effect on their communities, their colleagues and the network as a whole. The RE/MAX Awards & Recognition Program provides a way to honour these contributors. By shining a spotlight on quality and excellence, the awards celebrate accomplishments, fortify reputations and inspire others to reach higher in their own aspirations. Awards bestowed through the program fall into four groups:

Club Awards

Club Awards recognize the preparation, effort, performance and commitment essential to real estate success. Though the awards are based on gross commission earnings, their true measure goes far beyond dollar amounts. As Sales Associates reach higher and higher milestones, their impact grows alongside their income. Announced each February, Club Awards are bestowed based on the recipient’s total gross commission income (GCI) during the previous calendar year. Awards include:

  • EXECUTIVE CLUB $50,000 to $99,999 in gross commissions
  • 100% CLUB $100,000 to $249,999 in gross commissions
  • PLATINUM CLUB $250,000 to $499,999 in gross commissions
  • CHAIRMAN’S CLUB $500,000 to $749,999 in gross commissions
  • TITAN CLUB $750,000 to $999,999 in gross commissions
  • DIAMOND CLUB $1 million to $1,999,999 in gross commissions
  • PINNACLE CLUB $2 million+ in gross commissions

Team Club Awards

Team Club Awards recognize Team Leaders who, through expert guidance and support, provide a foundation for the greater success of their Team Members. Team Club Awards are awarded to Team Leaders based upon their team’s total gross commission income (GCI) in a calendar year. The award levels follow the same commission thresholds as individual Club Awards and are also announced in February. Awards include:

  • EXECUTIVE CLUB TEAM $50,000 to $99,999 in gross commissions
  • 100% CLUB TEAM $100,000 to $249,999 in gross commissions
  • PLATINUM CLUB TEAM $250,000 to $499,999 in gross commissions
  • CHAIRMAN’S CLUB TEAM $500,000 to $749,999 in gross commissions
  • TITAN CLUB TEAM $750,000 to $999,999 in gross commissions
  • DIAMOND CLUB TEAM $1 million to $1,999,999 in gross commissions
  • PINNACLE CLUB TEAM $2 million+ in gross commissions

Career Awards

Over time, as successful years build on one another, new milestones emerge – represented by the network’s Career Awards. These prestigious, highly coveted awards convey true mastery. Reaching any level is a special, career-changing achievement. Career Awards are based on an agent’s individual gross commission income (GCI) accumulated over time at RE/MAX. Beginning with Lifetime Achievement, they also include a length-of-affiliation component. Associates must fulfill both aspects of eligibility (earnings and tenure) in order to receive the award. Awards include:

  • HALL OF FAME Over $1 million in gross commissions No length of service required
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Over $3 million in gross commissions At least 7 years active with RE/MAX
  • CIRCLE OF LEGENDS Over $10 million in gross commissions At least 10 years active with RE/MAX
  • LUMINARY OF DISTINCTION Over $20 million in gross commissions At least 20 years active with RE/MAX
  • PARAMOUNT OF EXCELLENCE Over $30 million in gross commissions At least 30 years active with RE/MAX

Top 25/50/100 Rankings

These rankings recognize Sales Associates and Teams based on their total gross commissions in a given year. To qualify for the top teams rankings, year-to-date commission totals need to be equal to or greater than $40,000 US dollars. Team size is calculated by adding the total number of team members plus team leader on the last day of the month, for that month’s rankings.

  • INDIVIDUAL RANKINGS – Top 100 (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global), Residential & Commercial
  • TEAM RANKINGS categorized by Small (two-person team), Medium (three-to nine-person team) and Large (10+ person team), including:
    – Top 100 (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global) Residential and Commercial combined
    – Top 50 (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global), Residential for each Team category (Small/Medium/Large)
    – Top 25 (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global), Commercial for each Team category (Small/Medium/Large)
    -Top 100 Individual, Residential and Commercial combined

Special Awards

Special Awards will be recognized prior to R4 via a Special Awards video broadcast worldwide. Special Award trophies and neck medals can be picked up at the Trophy Booth located in the R4 Marketplace. If you can’t attend R4, your special award trophy and neck medal will be mailed to you after R4. The Distinguished Service Award, perhaps the most enduring accolade of all, recognizes individuals who have made a permanent, meaningful impact on the network by representing the best aspects of RE/MAX through their actions and achievements. Awards include:

    – Distinguished Service
    – Broker of the Year Multi Franchise
    – Broker of the Year Single Franchise
    – Region of the Year
    – Region with Largest Net Gain in Franchises
    – Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Donations: Top Contributor Region (U.S./Canada); Top Contributor Single Franchise (U.S./Canada); Top Contributor Multi Franchise (U.S./Canada); Top Contributor Individual Agent (U.S./Canada); Top Contributor Team (U.S./Canada)
    – Top 5 Franchise Sales Consultants (U.S. and Canada; Global)
    – Top 3 Teams for each Team category (Small/Medium/Large) Residential (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global); Commercial (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global)
    – Top 3 Teams (Overall) Residential & Commercial (Combined Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global)
    – Top 10 Individuals Residential & Commercial (Combined Worldwide); Residential (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global); Commercial (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global)
  • TRANSACTIONS AWARD CATEGORIES (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global)
    – #1 in Team Transactions for each Team category (Small/Medium/Large)
    – #1 in Individual Transactions
  • TOP FRANCHISES AWARD CATEGORIES (Worldwide/U.S./Canada/Global)
    – Largest Franchise by Associate Count: Single Franchise; Multi Franchise; Largest Net Gain in Sales Associates (Small Market, Metro Market, Multi Franchise)
    – Number of Closed Transactions (Small Market, Metro Market, Multi Franchise)
    – Total Sales Volume (Small Market, Metro Market, Multi Franchise)