Ask RE/MAX chat tool delivers instant answers to your questions

How many times have you browsed those online property listings and wondered, “Have any renovations been done?” or “When was the roof last replaced?” or “How much is the property tax?” Well, wonder no more. Home buyers, browsers and sellers can now get immediate information – and gratification – with a new online chat tool called Ask RE/MAX.

Ask RE/MAX is kicking “customer service” up a notch (or two!) by connecting consumers with a licensed RE/MAX representative for an unparalleled home search via

The best part? The chat tool connects consumers on demand and directly to the listing agent who has the answers to help them make an informed home-buying decision.

Ask RE/MAX chat featureHow it works

Ask RE/MAX chat tool lets buyers and sellers:
• Connect with agents in real-time via
• Chat exclusively with listing agents
• Get answers to your questions, conveniently to your smartphone via the Ask RE/MAX app

See? There really is such a thing as immediate gratification!