As a parent, protecting your little one from harm is a top priority — and that awareness needs to start at home. Our houses are full of hazards for small humans that we, as adults, may not even think about. Here are two easy – but essential – tips to baby proof your home.

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Baby Proof Tip #1: Movie Night

Your munchkin may be mad about Moana and try to cue up the Blu-ray all by herself, but an unanchored TV screen can topple over and cause serious harm. Securely mount your screen to the wall to prevent toddlers from grabbing and pulling it down onto themselves.

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Baby Proof Tip #2: Dress Down

If a piece of furniture is taller than your toddler, take the time and fasten it to the wall or floor. Thousands of kids are treated in the ER each year due to injuries sustained by unsecured dressers, bookshelves, tables and other heavy household items. Be proactive and check your home for these items that should be secured.

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