The inventory decline that Huntsville experienced in 2019 had carried over into the beginning of 2020, which led to higher prices and increased competition for buyers. Due to the pandemic, the volume of sales in Huntsville has dropped, partially due to even less inventory than initially expected, but also thanks to many buyers who have put their purchases on hold.

Affordability will continue to be a challenge for most prospective first-time buyers, as the most affordable neighbourhoods of Allensville, Utterson and West End range in the $225,000 – $326,000 price point.

So, what are the best neighbourhoods in Huntsville to buy a house? RE/MAX explores more than 300 of Canada’s most liveable hot spots in the new 2020 Liveability Report. Here are our top picks for Huntsville.

10 Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in Huntsville

  1. Glenwood
  2. Ravensglen
  3. Meadow Park
  4. Selkirk
  5. Kelsey Madison
  6. Cascade
  7. Allensville
  8. Swallowdale
  9. Thomas Crescent
  10. Utterson

Top Up-And-Coming Neighbourhoods in Huntsville

The top up-and-coming neighbourhoods are Selkirk, Kelsey Madison, and Cascade cite proximity to health or medical services as top liveability factors. The neighbourhoods of Glenwood, Ravensglen and Meadow Park also rank high on liveability, regarded as being closer to green spaces, more easily walkable, and have easier access to bike lanes or walking paths.

Huntsville’s Future Liveability

Demand for Huntsville properties is expected to continue on the upward trajectory int he next three to five years years. Once we can put this pandemic behind us, Huntsville and the District of Muskoka as a whole should continue experiencing an increase in buyers, including families, professionals and retirees looking for residential properties away from the clustered Greater Toronto Area. Huntsville’s green spaces, trails, beaches and private properties are a big draw. However, it should be noted that due to this rising demand, home prices in Huntsville have risen significantly and they will continue to do so, making Huntsville less affordable over the coming years.

Best Places to Live in Canada

Best places to live ranking



Liveability is about quality of life at a local level. A neighbourhood’s dynamism, or lack thereof, involves a delicate convergence between independent small businesses, public institutions, arts and culture, green spaces and housing, to name a few. The COVID-19 tragedy will impact neighbourhood ecosystems differently across the country, just as the virus itself has. Yet, civic/local pride has been proliferating throughout this crisis in inspiring ways, giving Canadians hope that micro-economies, including real estate, have the resilience to be restored in the near and mid-term.

To learn more about liveability in Canada’s biggest housing markets, read the RE/MAX 2020 Liveability Report.