The sales activity in Chilliwack was strong at the start of 2020, due to a carry-over of pent up demand from the fall/winter market. While COVID-19 has put a damper on the housing market, the demand on the housing market is expected to carry on through spring.

For Chilliwack homebuyers, the top concerns include crime rates, low housing supply and affordability. The market activity is primarily driven by move up buyers in the suburbs, retirees, and those looking elsewhere because they are priced out of the city.

So, what are the best neighbourhoods in Chilliwack to buy a house? RE/MAX explores more than 300 of Canada’s most liveable hot spots in the new 2020 Liveability Report. Here are our top picks in Chilliwack.

10 Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in Chilliwack

  1. Sardis
  2. Central Chilliwack
  3. Eagle Landing
  4. Village West
  5. Vedder
  6. Fairfield
  7. Valley North
  8. Promontory
  9. Little Mountain
  10. Greendale Area

Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in Chilliwack

The most liveable neighbourhoods in Chilliwack, as noted above are all in close proximity to green spaces and dog parks, as well as social spots such as restaurants and big box stores and shopping centers.

Chilliwack Liveability Trends

Overall, liveability in Chilliwack is expected to improve in the next three to five years. “We’re seeing many improvements to our infrastructure, and the addition of new schools in neighbourhoods like Sardis is attracting young families to the region, which is expected to continue throughout the remainder of 2020”.

Chilliwack at a Glance

Chilliwack is the 7th largest city in British Columbia and while historically was an agricultural community, most of its residents are now city-dwellers. The city is located in the Fraser Valley Regional District and is surrounded by mountains and agricultural areas such as Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake Provincial Parks. Chilliwack offers a great variety of outdoor activities in the area, including hiking, horseback riding, archery, biking, camping, fishing, golf and paragliding.

Canada’s Most Liveable Neighbourhoods

Best places to live ranking


Liveability is about quality of life at a local level. A neighbourhood’s dynamism, or lack thereof, involves a delicate convergence between independent small businesses, public institutions, arts and culture, green spaces and housing, to name a few. The COVID-19 tragedy will impact neighbourhood ecosystems differently across the country, just as the virus itself has. Yet, civic/local pride has been proliferating throughout this crisis in inspiring ways, giving Canadians hope that micro-economies, including real estate, have the resilience to be restored in the near and mid-term.

To learn more about liveability in Canada’s biggest housing markets, read the RE/MAX 2020 Liveability Report.