RE/MAX affiliates like Jack Wruth go Beyond the Balloon to help their communities.

Every morning before heading to his job as the general manager of RE/MAX Yorkton in Saskatchewan, Jack heads to a local coffee shop and chats with the people there before starting his day. Over time, Jack got to know one of the baristas.

“She was a single mother with two small children and the difficult thing for her, of course, was that she was away from her children,” says Jack.

“But she was trying to do something about that. She was going to the local community college in hopes of getting a nine to five job where she could spend her evenings with her children.”

Despite her ambition, she struggled with one big thing: Because she had no access to dental care, her teeth were rotten. Jack called a friend who is a dentist and set up everything needed so this woman could have her teeth fixed. The only request from Jack was that he remain anonymous.

Weeks later, he felt a tap on his shoulder from someone behind him in line. He turned around and saw a beautiful smile—it was her.

To this day, she has no idea who helped fix her teeth. For Jack, it was just another way to practice the values he brings to both work and life: Good service, gratitude and selfless generosity.

Thank you, Jack, for going #BeyondtheBalloon.