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Stephen Poloz Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada makes its latest interest rate announcement

In its scheduled announcement this morning, the Bank of Canada has announced that the overnight interest rate target will hold steady at 1.75 per cent. This is the eighth time in a row that the Bank held off on making... Read More
housing affordability in Canada

Housing affordability, and why politicos should play in their own backyard

In true Canadian fashion, our housing affordability crisis could be solved if our political parties can play nice. This means working together to address some issues, and politely staying out of others. Outside of creating more supply and boosting housing…

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Canadian Parliament Buildings and Canadian Real Estate

Canadian Real Estate & The Federal Election

Elections tend to unearth the hot ticket items that have Canadians worrying. A major cause of worry for Canadians today is housing. People who still rent are more stressed out as affordability continues to pose a challenge. This is for…

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couple using first-time home buyer incentive

Demystifying the First Time Home Buyer Incentive

As Canadians continue to struggle with high housing prices, the federal government has stepped in to help carry the weight of those hefty mortgage payments with the First Time Home Buyer Incentive. Trudeau has earmarked $1.25 billion in funding to…

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legal pot storefront

How legal pot shops are affecting housing activity, city by city

Since the advent of legal pot in Canada one year ago, things have changed – but not in the ways many people might have expected. Most of us don’t have to “swim” through clouds of smoke on the way to…

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Marijuana legalization in a retail store

The Impacts of Marijuana Legalization on Canada’s Housing Market

Marijuana legalization has benefitted local economies, producers help boost home sales and prices; retail NIMBYism lurks, but with few real effects Canada’s largest cannabis producers are being credited with micro-booms in some local economies, and the trickle-down effects are visible…

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Housing debate of federal election party leaders

Breaking Down the Housing Debate

Everything you need to know ahead of the 2019 Federal Election The 2019 federal election is fast approaching, and the housing debate continues to be a hot topic in the country. A national housing strategy that’s assessed annually and updated…

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