Whether you’re cleaning the house, tidying up the yard, or taking down holiday decorations, a new season always feels like a fresh start. As we prepare for the change in weather, many of us are tidying up our closets and making the transition to a more seasonably appropriate wardrobe. Fortunately there are many cost-effective storage solutions available to help with the process and maximize the space you’ve got. Plus, your morning routine will go that much smoother when you don’t have to sort through piles of off-season pieces. Here are our top clothing storage tips to help you get started!

Use the right materials: It’s important not to store your clothing in cardboard boxes as they break down easily and attract insects. Instead, try sturdy plastic containers with lids, like this Underbed Storage Box, that can slide right under your bed. These will also help keep clothes moths away so that they don’t chew through your favourite sweater..

Let them breathe: Although vacuum-sealing can save space, you want to make sure your clothes can breathe. Avoid airtight containers as they don’t allow air to circulate and can encourage the growth of mold and mildew. You can also opt for containers that have moisture-repelling agents, like this canvas Cedar Stow Sweater Storage Unit.

Fill unused spaces: Clothes should always be stored in a place that is cool and dry, so avoid areas like attics and basements. Instead, try to look for well-ventilated nooks and crannies to store your items, like the space under the stairs. Depending on your staircase, you can simply place your containers discretely underneath, install shelving or even create a hidden storage closet.

Get decorating: If you really don’t have any spare space, try incorporating storage into your home décor by way of furniture. For example, you can add a stylish piece like this Home Trends Storage Bench to the foot of your bed to store your off-season items. However, make sure to line any wooden trunks or chests as these might stain or snag your clothes.

Use these tips and you’re guaranteed to keep your clothes safe and your home organized all year long!