The happy (and sometimes hectic) holiday season is officially in full swing. The shindig usually begins at Thanksgiving and continues through New Year’s Eve. If you’re planning to sell your home in the midst of the festivities, you’ll need a plan. Between the parties, the cleaning and the showings, it’s enough to make your head spin. These holiday hacks will help take the “daze” out of the holidays this season.

Top 8 Holiday Hacks

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  1. Fake It!

Who says you have to slave away at the stove all day? Order a pre-cooked turkey to take the pressure off. (NOTE: Depending on where you go for your gobbler, you’ll need to place your order a few weeks in advance. If you haven’t done this by now, the pressure’s back on.)

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2. Make it a Team Effort

Go potluck and ask guests to bring an appetizer, side-dish, dessert or wine. Be specific as to what you’d like guests to bring to avoid three mashed-potato dishes. (Whew! Pressure’s off again.)

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3. Preliminary Prep

Some side dishes and desserts can be made a day or two in advance, freeing up some time – and stovetop – for the main course on the day of.

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4. Buffet or Bust!

Set up your holiday meal buffet-style, and let your guests serve themselves. That’s one thing you can cross off your to-do list on party day.

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5. Keep it Cozy

We’ll keep this one short and sweet – by “cozy,” we mean small. An intimate dinner party means less prep work beforehand and less mess afterwards.

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6. Hire a Cleaning Service

No matter how you slice it (pun intended), there will definitely be some mess to tackle post-party. Bring in the pros to take on the scrubbing, sweeping, wiping and washing. It’s worth the cost – especially if you’re having showings or an open house in the near future.

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7. Go Out!

There will be times when you just have to say “no.” No to cooking, cleaning and hosting at home. Consider having a holiday feast at a restaurant, and indulge yourself as much as your guests. Just be sure to make a reservation well in advance!

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8. Welcome “Home”

There’s something about the holiday season that screams “welcome home!” This bodes well for home sellers who are staging and showing their homes to create a homey atmosphere for potential buyers. Take advantage of the flickering fireplace, the pumpkin-spice aromas, and the general coziness of the season to entice home hunters.

You’re welcome. Now, go have a happy holiday, from our RE/MAX family to yours.