If you’re in the market for a luxury property, certain features signify you’re investing in the real deal. While high-end homes run the gamut from beachside villas to urban compounds, they all have certain characteristics in common. But what may seem like a luxury property from the photos may not stand up to scrutiny once Balenciaga boots are on the ground. Go beyond the spec sheet and dig into what makes this place worthy of its top-dollar price tag.

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Location Station

Not surprisingly, a luxury property’s location is the most valuable status symbol. A property in Vancouver’s West Point Grey is a prime piece of real estate, no matter what the house looks like. But buyers should also be on the lookout for up-and-coming neighourhoods with amazing amenities and innovative developments. Investing in a luxury property in an area on the brink of becoming the next “it” ’hood could really pay off.

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Bragging Rights

When it comes to luxury properties of the world’s well-heeled, Provence plays a pivotal role. A house with a story — such as being designed by an influential architect or inhabited by an Austrian Barron in the 1800s — is valuable. See if the home has a feature, a history or a location unique just to it; after all, exclusivity is the definition of luxury.

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