While Canada has a lot to offer, we’re especially lucky to have an incredibly diverse food scene. As a country that takes pride in its multiculturalism, there is no shortage of options when it comes to what’s on your dinner plate. It’s truly an exciting time, with chefs from across the nation creating new flavour profiles by using Canadian ingredients intermingled with ethnic flavours and infusions. Here are some of the most diverse food scenes that the country has to offer.


Did you know this is where the California roll was created? Being on the west coast, Vancouverites cam indulge in fresh fish from the Pacific in one of the many sushi spots in the city, like Miku Japanese Restaurant or Sushi Bar Maumi.


Not only is Montreal known for smoked meat and bagels – it’s also the place where new ideas tend to flourish when it comes to cuisine, all thanks to the city’s wildly creative and innovative chefs. From Parisian style bistros to eclectic eateries, the options are endless. It’s also the best place to try Canadian classics like maple treats from Mamie Clafoutis and poutine from Pierrette Patates!


While dishes like lobster rolls and cod tongues receive high praise from both locals and tourists, food lovers know the real treat in Halifax is the city’s official late-night snack – the Halifax donair. It’s a grilled pita stuffed with shaved roasted beef, tomatoes and onions and topped with its signature sweet garlicky sauce. Eateries like Johnny K’s and King of Donair are top spots for locals!

There’s no doubt that Canadians can appreciate various cuisines and signature dishes unique to each city. With Canada’s diverse options, you are guaranteed to satisfy any craving you might have in any neighbourhood that you live or work in.