Quick & Easy Organization Hacks

organization hacks for the home

Whether the seasons are changing and it’s time to pull out the boots, put away the flip flops, or grab some gift wrap—there are some quick & easy organization hacks you can take advantage of to make more use of your space and become more efficient in your home. If you were at our most recent Toronto Fall Home Show you may have seen some of these organization ideas on display!

Organization hacks with hangers

organization hacks DIY hat organizer

DIY Hat Organizer

Create an easy solution to hang and organize your hats. The hangers can or simply store with easy access in your closet or hang on the wall if you run out of closet space. This is the perfect way to organize your hats.

What you need: Hanger + Shower Curtain C-Hooks
How to Prepare: Place the shower curtain c-hooks onto the hanger, and just add your hats!

Jewelry Organizer

Create a place to hang and organize jewelry with a few wooden hangers and some small screw hooks. Adding the small screw hooks gives you places to hang necklaces, bracelets and even hoop and dangle earrings. This is the perfect way to organize jewelry and keep those chains from knotting. The hangers can hang on the wall to add to your décor.
What you need: Hanger + Small Screw Hooks (find at dollar store or hardware store)
How to Prepare: Place small screw hooks into the hanger bar, since the hanger is delicate be gentle! Hang jewelry on the small hooks.

organization hacks DIY scarf organizer

Hanging Scarf Organizer

A hanger and shower curtain hooks will help you to create a great place to hang and organize your scarves. Affix the shower curtain hooks to the hanger by slipping them on and then hang your scarves. You can put as many hooks as you need on each hanger or use a couple of hangers if you don’t want your scarves to be too crowded.
What you need: Hanger + Shower Curtain C-Hooks
How to Prepare: Place the shower curtain c-hooks onto the hanger, and just add your scarves!

organization hacks DIY gift wrap holder

Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift wrap, gift wrap, everywhere! Not anymore with this clever organization hack! Use any garment bag, the sturdier the more gift wrap it can hold.
What you need: Hanger + Garment Bag
How to Prepare: Place the hanger in the garment bag. Add gift wrap, organize however you like!

Organization hacks for cables

Cable Wall Art

Why hide your cables and cords when you can turn them into wall art? Instead of trying to make them disappear, display them on your walls. Be creative and you’ll find a way to perfectly integrate them in the décor.

organization hacks cable cord hider

Cardboard Box Cord Hider

Don’t want to display your cords where everyone can see them? Then hide then away in any cardboard box. A decorative one will look the nicest, but an old napkin box will do too.
What you need: Cardboard Box + Desired Cables to Hide
How to Prepare: Take a cardboard box, cut out two canals on the sides and hide the cables inside.

organization hacks receipt holder

Receipts Drop Box Hack

Stop loosing receipts and keep them all in one place. This organization hack will keep you and your receipts organized!
What you need: Tissue Box + Receipts to Organize
How to Prepare: Decorate the tissue box or purchase a box that is already pretty. Start adding receipts!

organizing hacks missing socks

Organization Hack for Missing Socks

Tired of trying to track down the missing half of all your pairs of socks? This easy organization hack will keep those pairs together!
What you need: Clothes Pins + Sign + Hot Glue
How to Prepare: Write “Missing Socks” on sign with marker, or chalk. Hot glue the clothes pins onto the sign, start pinning up the single socks.

organizing hacks plastic bag holder

Plastic Bag Holder

Are plastic bags taking over the area under your sink? Keep the clutter away with this super simple organization hack!
What you need: Empty Lysol Container or Tissue Box + Plastic Bags
How to Prepare: Using the empty containers, fill with plastic bags, and the clutter goes away in a snap!

Organization Hacks for Garbage

garbage organization hacks

Easy Shelf with Buckets

The best way to organize the garage is to make use of random things that you already own in your garage. If you already have a shelf, grab a few buckets, and all you need are labels! These buckets will help keep your space organized and make it easier for you to find essentials you may just need to grab and go!
What you need:3 Empty Buckets + 3 Labels + Wooden Shelf + 3 Metal Hooks + 6 Screws (may vary depending on the hooks you have)
How to Prepare: Using a screw driver, make a hole into the wooden shelf and screw 3 hooks into the shelf. Add labels onto the three buckets, and hang onto the hanger. Start filling these with items that match the labels!

car organization hacks

Garbage Can for the Car

On long journeys you may need a little storage for trash, especially with kids around. This easy hack will keep your garbage in one spot and look good while doing it!
What you need: Cereal Container or Other Container + Decorations
How to Prepare: Decorate the container to match your car, and place it in a spot so it’s ready to start collecting the trash!

organization hacks tic tac organizer

Tic Tac Organizers

These little containers are perfect for organizing all those small things that end up loose at the bottom of a bag or on the floor. Some of the small things we like to have organized include: ribbon dispensers; bobbi pins; spices; safety pins; spare buttons.
What you need: Tic Tac Containers + Small Things (see list above)
How to Prepare: Fill your empty containers with the small pieces and place in drawers, shelves or anywhere you require them!

*This post was provided courtesy of Toronto Home Shows.