RE/MAX Agent Bruce Johnson Nominated for 2019 Good Neighbor Award


We all know the saying that “it takes a village” and this spirit of coming together is something that RE/MAX agent Bruce Johnson lives by. It’s also why Bruce has been named a finalist for the National Association of Realtors Good Neighbor Awards, an annual celebration of outstanding leaders of their charitable causes, and their stories. Bruce’s cause is particularly close to his heart. If you haven’t heard his story yet, Realtor Magazine recently published a piece that’s worth a read:

“Bruce Johnson’s daughter Alyssa never had the chance to feel the wind in her hair while zooming down the open road—a regret he held onto for years. So Johnson, an avid motorcyclist, introduced her to his favorite pastime in his own way on an extraordinary ride he took with his second daughter, Holly, now 18, in 2018—a six-month, 15,800-mile trek from the northernmost point in Canada to the southern tip of South America. Alyssa, who died in 1998 just 20 days after her birth, didn’t physically accompany them on the journey, of course. Johnson carried her in his heart. The memory of Alyssa motivated Johnson to take this trip and similar excursions before it. Alyssa was born with her vital organs outside her body, a condition known as omphalocele. Despite the best efforts of the doctors at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Alyssa suffered cardiac arrest and passed away in Johnson’s arms.”

Bruce’s personal experience with SickKids Hospital and the efforts of the Children’s Miracle Network led him to his active volunteerism and contributions to the foundation. CMN President and CEO John Lauck described Johnson to Realtor Magazine as “an inspiration to RE/MAX agents across the world,” compelling more donors to step forward. “He’s a great motivator,” Lauck said. “He’s the high tide that lifts all boats.”

Bruce embarks on these charity rides every few years, to continue to share Alyssa’s story and encourage RE/MAX agents and brokers to also become donors through efforts such as RE/MAX’s Miracle Home Program, whereby they donate a portion of their commission from each transaction to Children’s Miracle Network. Which bring us back to the Good Neighbor Award.

Bruce is one of 10 2019 nominees, and is only the second Canadian to ever be nominated. The Good Neighbor Awards winners will be announced on October 2, 2019.

Meanwhile, Web Choice Favorite Voting runs through September 28. The three Good Neighbor finalists who get the most votes will receive an additional $2,500, $1,250 and $1,250 donation respectively, to his or her nonprofit. The best part is, you can vote as many times as you want! Click here to cast your vote!