As far as “slam dunk” marketing goes, RE/MAX will be continuing its wildly successful Spring 2023 “Advice You Need” campaign this fall, featuring basketball icon Kyle Lowry. Launching to the public on October 2, the campaign will run for six months and showcase Lowry in four ads, including a 30-second, a 15-second, a 10-second and one TikTok spot.

The ads are an extension of the national Advice You Need campaign executed by agency Arrivals + Departures, which debuted during Super Bowl LVII and demonstrates the advantages of working with Canada’s most experienced agents.

“This idea of getting swept up in your emotions relates so well to both sports and real estate, so it allowed for a really seamless extension of our brand campaign to promote the NBA partnership” says Jeff Collins, Creative Director at Arrivals + Departures. “Kyle was at the top of our list when we started the process,” he added. “He’s so recognizable and beloved by Canadian basketball fans. He’s the G.R.O.A.T., which makes him the perfect fit for a category leader like RE/MAX.”

The multi-channel campaign comes at a time where confusion about market conditions is running high and everyone has an opinion. Using humour, the campaign demonstrates the importance of getting the right advice when buying or selling a home, in the face of the well-intentioned, albeit the unsolicited and often questionable advice you get from friends and family – and as seen in RE/MAX’s latest ads, Lowry.

“More than half of Canadians surveyed (51 per cent) say that varying home price forecasts have made them more confused about what to do, not to mention all the advice they’re getting from friends and family,” says Anthony Volpini, Executive Director of Marketing at RE/MAX Canada. “It’s a tricky time that makes having the right agent there to help you really important. RE/MAX agents average more sales and more real estate sales experience than other real estate agents in Canada. Given the current market, having this experience on your side can make a big difference to the outcome.”

RE/MAX’s campaign research has shown that Advice You Need is really resonating with consumers, and amidst challenging housing market conditions, the brand has doubled down on reminding consumers that it’s essential to get the right advice. “With Kyle Lowry, a basketball icon to Canadians, featured in our ads, we’ve found a clever way to keep RE/MAX, and our message of the Advice You Need, top of mind with Canadians. In this case, ‘Don’t get hype-splained, get the advice you really need,’” says Volpini.

“Four years ago, RE/MAX started a journey to modernize the brand and reach younger Canadians. We repositioned the brand by focusing on our core differentiator – the strength of our agents – and bringing the message to life through humorous, unexpected creative from an established brand,” says Volpini. “We also invested in properties that appeal to a younger demographic, like the NBA, and activated against those partnerships, such as when we gave away a $50,000 NBA-themed room makeover last year. Our strategy has not only resonated with consumers, but we’ve seen more agents attracted to the RE/MAX brand than ever before.”

The media buy was executed by True Media. Get a sneak peek of the RE/MAX “Advice You Need” campaign featuring Kyle Lowry here, and keep your eyes open for the full launch on October 2: