When it comes to prepping your home for winter while keeping costs down, prevention is the best medicine (and maintenance). Here are some items you should replace in your home now, to ensure you’re on track for a season of drama-free homeownership.

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Fibres in the Attic

If there isn’t enough insulation in your attic, naturally rising hot air will leak, increasing energy usage – and costs! For optimal energy savings, check to ensure you have at least 15 centimetres of insulation; if not, install more now before temperatures plummet.

Immediate cost: A bag of fiberglass insulation costs around $50. Also consider calling in a pro for a free estimate.

Future loss: An uninsulated attic can account for 25 per cent of heat loss, which adds up over a long winter.

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A programmable thermostat lets you schedule the temperature of your home depending on time of day – even when you’re not there. Drop it a few degrees while you’re asleep or at work, and turn it up during weekend Netflix marathons, all without doing a thing.

Immediate cost: Thermostats run from about $100 to $350.

Future loss: There’s no need to throw away money every month on heat you’re not using. Invest in a smart thermostat now and save 10 to 15% on heating bills.

For more ways to prepare your house for winter and save money at the same time, visit HGTV.ca.