Adding a little décor to your space can change the feel and look of your home. It’s an easy way to create a quick and fashionable change, but how much money should you spend? You start asking yourself what are the essentials worth spending extra on when decorating. Our friends at Toronto Home Shows decided to get in touch with designer Amanda Forrest who is known for her creative and innovative designs.

Where do you prioritize the budget when decorating a room?

I always advise my clients to spend money on the items that will last them, like quality furniture and save on trendy accent items that you will not feel guilty about switching out in a few years as colour trends change and style evolve. I also tell them to invest in pieces that they love, no matter the price point. Finding a great piece of art or unique sculptural piece of furniture is well worth the extra money if it helps inject more of our clients personalities into their space.

Are décor items important to spend more money on?

The great thing about being a designer today is that you can find fabulous items at every price point and we work with clients budgets to ensure the spaces feel finished with accessories when we complete the job. I believe that in terms of budgeting accessories can certainly add up quickly and it’s important to allocate a significant portion of your budget to these décor items from the start because that is what really helps complete a room design.

What décor items are worth spending the extra cash on?

Having proper lighting in a space is key. I cannot tell you how many homes I go into and see the same hardware store fixture, and by investing a little bit more money on a unique fixture you can instantly elevate your space and create a one of a kind look.

What would you suggest doing to save money on décor?

Shop your local off priced retailers, antique markets and thrift shops because you will be surprised at what you can find or repurpose to look like a million bucks. Always have your eyes out for the right pieces for your home and be patient and enjoy the treasure hunting process.

Do you have some examples of when spending the extra dollars on décor worked in your favour?

Absolutely, spending a little extra on higher graded fabrics will always give you the longevity in your upholstered pieces. When styling rooms we also always bring 3 or 4 times more accessories with us because you never know what is going to work well until you have it in the space. There’s more leg work with it and time involved in sourcing these pieces, but in the end it is well worth the investment.

After getting great advice from Amanda, it was important to take this knowledge shopping!  Casalife weighed in on the best decor items to splurge or save on! Here are three splurge worthy pieces and three pieces to save on.

SPLURGE                      SAVE