Whether this is the year you decide to list your home and move, or plant roots and renovate, there’s no better way to kick-start the year than with a reno. A renovation can help you customize your home to your heart’s desires, or prep it with all the latest must-haves to ensure it’s up to market standards. Either way, we’ve got the top 15 décor trends for the home, to inspire a renovation.

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Natural Wood

Expect to see a major departure from modern, polished spaces, in favour of a look that’s a little more lived in, with a lot more warmth. Natural wood cabinets, shiplap statement walls or butcher block counter tops will help achieve this look, but a classic, well-worn harvest table, or a beautiful vintage wood headboard is an easier and more affordable way to create it, too.

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Green Walls

After Pantone announced its Colour of the Year 2017 (Greenery, for those living under a rock in the design world), look forward to an abundance of fresh takes on this lovely, lush colour.

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Whether designers are riffing on the natural aesthetic of green rooms, or simply embracing the tattoos of their youth, butterflies are picking up steam as a major icon. Look for intricate butterfly designs on wallpaper, pillows and as decorative objects.

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Open Shelving

You may not be a pro chef, but there’s no reason your kitchen can’t look like a professional’s. Open shelving is great for busy kitchens because it leaves pots, pans and plates easily accessible. In your kitchen, it’s an opportunity to show off your teapots, teacups and other collectibles.

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Black Factory Doors and Windows

Living in a loft isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (who wants to sleep next to a dishwasher?) but home owners are handpicking design elements to create spaces that capture the industrial, vintage feel of a loft. Just think of the natural light a set of factory windows can offer!

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Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

2016 was a huge year for wallpaper (we were treated to so many incredible prints, and now at more affordable prices). For the year ahead, let your mind wander and use wallpaper in all sorts of unexpected places, like closets, behind open shelving, and even backsplashes! Placed behind glass, this decorative alternative to tile is easy to clean and seriously stunning.

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Go big, or go home! Marble is a timeless material that’s extending its realm from the kitchen, all throughout the home.

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Black Kitchens

Black kitchens will be huge for homeowners willing to take a walk on the wild side. Paired with gold and just a touch of white, this trend will give your home a heightened sense of glamour.

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Velvet was the material of 2016 in the fashion world, and the realm of home has become wise to the cause, with luxurious velvet pillows, couches and curtains adding warmth and depth to homes. This material suits winter particularly well, but plan to rotate velvet accessories with the seasons to lighten up rooms for spring and summer.

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Black Fixtures

A little bit of black can go a long way to ground an all-white room. Try black pulls on white cabinets, or a structural black faucet in a white bathroom. This trend is an easy fix for an outdated white space.

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Teched Out

2017 will be the year of the Smart Home. The most discerning buyers will be looking for homes with fully integrated technology, from App controlled heating and cooling, to fridges that can email you their contents when you’re hemming and hawing in the middle of the grocery store, these houses fill the gaps where your partner falls short!

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Intricate Tile

To contrast against bare white walls and rich dark wood, intricate displays of tile are becoming a popular way to share a homeowner’s personality and style.

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Tile to Wood Transitions

And speaking of boundaries…expect to see unique integrations between tiled floors and hardwood. Whether bridging the border between rooms or designating spaces in an open concept home, ornate tile designs are pushing the boundaries for homes.

Cork Walls

Cork is a gorgeous material that’s picking up steam in the design world, but the coolest use of cork is in the home office, where a floor-to-ceiling cork wall can act as a family’s motherboard, with permission slips, artwork and every essential scrap tacked on for safe keeping.

Hidden Rooms

With more and more Canadians making do in tiny condos, this will be the year we embrace the “less is more” mentality, and create spaces that can unfold and hide away as we need them. Think murphy beds that create “guest rooms” and kitchens that seamlessly blend into one long wall.

Courtesy of HGTV.ca.