There’s no better time to host a party, but in last days of sunny weather and the comfort of your own home! Whether it prompts you to invest a little more in the presentation of your home or it keeps you from spending money from having to go out, there’s no denying there’s no place like home in the summertime.

For a few ideas on how you can celebrate the last days of summer at home, just keep on reading!

Catch Some Rays

Get your glow on with a few sun-worshipping friends and take full advantage of any enclosed outdoor space you have – bonus if you have a lounge set! Cover the cushions with a summer print, throw on a bathing suit or your favourite lounge shorts, add some fun tiki straws and call it a Luau party! Who knew a fenced in backyard could be the best spot for a themed summer getaway party?

Get It While It’s Hot

Some food just tastes better on the barbecue. Request each guest bring their favourite fire-roasted food and own the barbecue for an afternoon of good eats and good company. Unleash your chef-like skills on guests by adding a homemade sauce or spice and this jazzed up potluck will be the perfect way to remember summer!

Pool or Not, You’re Getting Splashed

If attending a pool party doesn’t scream summer celebration to you than we don’t know what will! It’s taken months for the water to heat up and now it’s finally warm; get suited up and make as many cannon balls as you can before summer is gone! Love the water but lacking a pool? Check out these 27 waterslide ideas for a fun afternoon!

Summer Looks Good on Your Home

Don’t let that summer décor go to waste! From bright colours, to airy cottons, the summer brings with it some of the most eye-catching décor opportunities. Use placemats, outdoor rugs, pillow covers and string lighting to bring your #backyardgoals to life just in time for your last big barbecue of the summer!

Why leave the best place on earth if you don’t have to, right? Whether you’ve got it all, or just a small outdoor space, all of the necessary amenities can be just a few steps away. Use these last few weeks of summer as your excuse to stay in and love where you live. Enjoy the warm weather a little while longer and make memories where they count most, at home!