There is nothing that compares to the beauty of summer. The green grass begs for picnics, the warm sun beckons park and beach goers far and wide, and the streets are filled with the sounds of happy children playing in the street. With the Top 5 Decor Trends this Summer, the feeling of summer doesn’t have to come crashing down as soon as you get home.

These are the top five decorating trends this summer can easily be incorporated in your home to not only add a touch of summer to your home, but to keep summer alive all year long.

Top 5 Decor Trends This Summer

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Get Bright With White

As soon as we see the first signs of spring, there is no better feeling then starting fresh and getting rid of the clutter with some good old-fashioned spring-cleaning. With a clean and fresh home, lightening things up with your brightest summer whites has never felt or looked better. Here are some helpful tips to help you successfully use white in your summer home décor.

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Keep It Simple

It is easy to fall in love with a unique pattern that has all your favourite shapes and colours, but one of the best parts about summer is everything is bright, easy, and simple. Keep that idea alive in your home by replacing patterns with bright, solid colours that will stand the test of time. Get inspired by these helpful ideas that will have the colours in your home updated in no time.

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Take Outdoors In

The best summer days are the ones spent outdoors, so why not take that idea inside? One of the big trends we are seeing this year is the use of reclaimed wood at home, and it is an easy way to add a touch of outside to your favourite room for a rustic look. Here are 16 ideas to use salvaged wood in your home.

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Add Some Colour

We have discussed using bright summer white, and replacing patterns with bright colours, and now we combine the two ideas for a show-stopping trend that you can keep alive all year long in your home. Instead of going overboard with one idea or the other, combining both will create interest while keep your décor simple, unique, and fresh. These simple ideas will help you incorporate pops of colour in the most unexpected places in your home.

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Freshen Up the Paint

Do you have mismatched outdoor furniture, or a unique piece that doesn’t quite fit? Ensure your furniture and overall look is consistent by getting creative with a fresh coat of paint! You can easily add colour and charm with some brightly colour throw pillows once the paint dries!

Now it’s time to set aside your glass of lemonade, brave the heat, and let summer live all year long in your home by putting your own creative touch on these top 5 decor trends this summer that you will be sure to see all season!