Whether it’s state-of-the-art monitoring systems or an outdoor fireplace, the most extravagant properties have a few things in common. Don’t worry if a luxury renovation isn’t in the cards for you, sometimes even the smallest touches can make your home feel more luxury. Here are some of the latest must-haves in the world of luxury homes.

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Professional Grade Kitchens

The heart, the crowning jewel of any home is definitely the kitchen. It’s where everyone congregates, where meals are shared, holidays are celebrated and parties are enjoyed. When it comes to luxury homes, everything needs to be bigger, shinier and in the end, fully stocked with some serious gadgetry. Large, restaurant-grade appliances, warming drawers, built-in wine fridges and ample storage in the form of deep, wide drawers, or even a walk-in pantry or butler’s area are what makes these lavish kitchens stand out.

HGTV Canada Tip: If a luxury renovation isn’t in the cards for you, fret not. Sometimes even a small and simple addition, like a standing wine fridge, custom shelving in a pantry or drawer dividers can elevate your space. Think wisely on what would make the biggest impact to your home. If you don’t entertain often, forgo the wine fridge. You want to spend on features that will make your life easier, and impress your guests or potential buyers!

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Fully Functioning Outdoor Living Spaces

From wood-burning pizza ovens to built-in barbecues and fridges, a major trend in upscale homes is to bring all the comforts of a cozy living room and state-of-the-art kitchen, and take them outside. Sleek, stainless steel prep areas, working sinks, and built-in barbecues that can handle the most extravagant entertaining and living room seating complete with pergolas, chandeliers, fireplaces and even outdoor theatres make fresh air living spaces a luxury home must-have.

HGTV Canada Tip: With a short summer season in most parts of Canada, consider outdoor additions you can enjoy year round, like a hot tub!

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Hotel-Like Spa Bathrooms

Coast to coast, serene bathrooms that would rival some of the world’s best spas are being replicated in luxury homes. From wall-to-wall stone surfaces, to big-ticket items like huge walk-in showers with multiple jets, heated floors or stand alone soaker tubs, buyers always bring a judgmental eye to bathrooms, so be prepared!

HGTV Canada Tip: If you can only afford one big, luxury renovation, and you’re debating between the kitchen and bathroom, renovate the bathroom. Buyers tend to have very personal feelings about their kitchens, while an all-white bathroom with glossy chrome hardware never disappoints!

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Smart Technology

Much like our insatiable appetite for the latest gadget, luxury homeowners are looking to integrate sleek technology into their homes in myriad of ways. From controlling the home’s temperature, to unlocking doors or setting the alarm system from the push of a button on your smartphone to mobile monitoring systems that allow you to check video surveillance while at work or on vacation, today’s luxury homeowners want cutting edge technology built into their homes.

HGTV Canada Tip: Advance your home’s technology as your needs evolve. Investing in expensive technology is pointless if it’s not a fit with your lifestyle.

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Gone are the days of simple, walk-in closets. In today’s competitive luxury market, the closet needs to resemble the extravagant change rooms at a designer showroom. We’re talking chandeliers, grand islands topped with marble, floor-to-ceiling built-in wood shelving and flattering mirrors galore.

HGTV Canada Tip: This is one space where practicality does trump design. Buyers are looking for lots of storage, in a variety of shelving and drawers. A marble-topped island is just the icing on the cake!

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