As Canada continues to grapple with a housing crisis rooted in a persistent inventory shortage, RE/MAX Canada explores possible solutions through the idea of walkable neighbourhoods.

Thus far, the National Housing Strategy announced in 2017 has succeeded in creating and repairing 213,733 units. In comparison, Canada’s population grew by more than one million in 2022. With demand perpetually housing outpacing supply, many Canadians find themselves at a fork in the road where difficult choices must be made, but what is the reality of those choices?

This new report focuses on walkable neighbourhoods as an urban planning concept that puts daily necessities within a walk, bicycle ride or transit ride from home. RE/MAX highlights this concept as a pragmatic approach to building the right supply of housing for the greatest number of Canadians, in a way that delivers maximum liveability and affordability – particularly in smaller municipalities that are experiencing rapid growth.