A statement from RE/MAX Holdings CEO, Adam Contos:

“The world is hurting right now. The brutal killings of George Floyd and too many others before him have shaken us all to the injustices we must face and work together to change.

As a leader in business, it’s important that the community hears that we stand together for equality and kindness. RE/MAX is committed to supporting homeownership and equal rights for all. We believe in community and we take fair housing very seriously. But right now, we must question whether that is enough. Today I ask how we – 130,000 professionals across 110 countries – can be not only real estate agents, but agents of change.

It’s also important I address one fact around this: both Derek Chauvin and his wife were once affiliated with a RE/MAX franchise. Derek was a team member and independent contractor with a franchise from November 2016 to April of 2018. Neither are affiliated with RE/MAX in any way today.

As many people know, I once served as a police officer. I became a Deputy Sheriff in 1993 and served until 2003 because of my passion for helping people. I loved being an officer. I loved helping protect and serve my community. And I appreciate all the officers who continue to do that in a way that upholds the oath that we took and are standing with their community to make it a better place. After seeing the horrific footage from Minneapolis, I can say confidently that this tragedy was contrary to the training I received as an officer, and wrong on a human level.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to bring healing. I’m asking our membership to listen, learn, and lead with love and kindness. Listen to those hurting and hear them. Learn how to be a better ally. And be leaders within your communities, with empathy, kindness and love for all.

We will continue to partner with minority and advocacy organizations within our industry to educate and drive change. We will continue to push training and awareness with our membership and our headquarter employees to eradicate unconscious bias and discrimination. And we will continue to make diversity and inclusion a priority.

This problem won’t be solved overnight, but today we restate our long-term commitment and declaration: At RE/MAX Holdings, we stand for justice. We stand with the Black community. And we stand against racism.”

Written by Adam Contos