What are the closing costs associated with a Canadian real estate transaction, how much are they and who pays? If I gift my agent a fruit cake, will they “take care of it” for me? First of all — fruit cake?!? When it comes to baked goods we recommend cupcakes, and when it comes to buying or selling a home, make sure you’re aware of all the costs items that you’ll be responsible for.

Not sure what closing costs are? That’s okay. It can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s involved in buying or selling a home. From selling costs such as property staging and the listing agent’s commission fee, to buying costs like land transfer tax, mortgage loan insurance, title insurance and the home inspection fee, there’s a lot to budget for.

You may not know everything about buying or selling a home, and why would you? At RE/MAX Canada, that’s our job, and we just happen to have 50 years’ of experience.

How Much do People Really Know About Canadian Real Estate?

RE/MAX Canada hit the streets in a new video series, to find out just how much (or how little) the average Canadian knows about real estate, and to offer some answers.


Your best bet for getting the right answers is to connect with a RE/MAX agent. In the meantime, sharing is caring so here are some helpful resources for homebuyers and sellers:

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It’s like having a GPS, helping to navigate the ups and downs of the quickly changing Canadian real estate market. It’s easy to get lost without guidance, so let us lead the way, answer your questions and help make your real estate dreams a reality.