Just like a pegasus soaring across the sky during rush hour, the new 2022 RE/MAX “Your Unfair Advantage” campaign will be hard to miss as it hits the streets and screens across Ontario, Atlantic and Western Canada this spring.

This new work is a step in modernizing the RE/MAX brand, aimed at sparking interest among two critical growth segments – Gen Z and Millennials – and raising the bar in real estate advertising. At its core, the campaign highlights the winning advantage Canadians get when buying or selling a home with a RE/MAX agent, told in totally unimaginable and wildly entertaining ways.

Discover Your Unfair Advantage

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From April to early June, RE/MAX will completely saturate Canadian markets across multiple media channels. This campaign creative, messaging and media plan prioritizes the Move Up market to address the immediate need to increase inventory, with First Time Home Buyers and Empty Nesters rounding out the effort to build solid interest in the RE/MAX brand and help fill prospecting pipelines.

Campaign objectives include driving favourability for the RE/MAX brand and increasing buyer and seller leads by showcasing what RE/MAX agents offer; the breadth of their networks, their knowledge of homes and listings in the neighbourhoods they serve, their negotiating know-how, their valuable tips for success, and the unparalleled service and experience they bring to the industry.

Consisting of four 15-second video spots and two six-second video spots, along with animated and static copy-led creative, the campaign breaks traditional real estate advertising norms, likening the experience of working with a RE/MAX Agent to that of having an Octopus for a ping-pong partner, or riding a pegasus to beat the traffic. Copy-led headlines supplement the eye-catching visuals, offering facts or insights designed to help compel a buyer or seller to use RE/MAX.


“The real estate industry has been top of mind for many Canadians, especially through the pandemic over the last two years. We’ve seen incredible market growth across Canada, as affordability and hybrid work models have shifted migration patterns,” says Christopher Alexander, President of RE/MAX Canada. “We wanted to cut through the noise with this campaign and demonstrate that, with RE/MAX on your side, you’ve got the country’s strongest agent network right there with you.”


Anticipated to generate more than 816 million media impressions, the campaign is slated to go live in April and run through June, appearing on national TV (sports and lifestyle focus), programmatic video and display, direct digital buys with TheScore, Rogers and Yahoo, paid search, and out of home in Eastern Canada across major billboards and transit shelters. The campaign ads will also run across all major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), including TikTok and Twitch, which are new to this year’s media buy, in an effort to increase brand awareness and favourability with a younger audience.

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