There is no shortage of homebuyers flocking to Toronto and the city’s population is growing at a record rate, as the masses scramble to experience life in one of Canada’s most sought-after locations. From its diverse and friendly locals, to its unique neighbourhoods, Toronto has a variety of liveability factors that can’t be beat. Here are a few things that are attracting buyers to Toronto real estate and life in The Six:



Toronto is ranked one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to a variety of factors including its transit infrastructure, bike lane availability, green spaces, retail shops, restaurants and more! Having access to these liveability factors contributes to residents’ quality of life, with more time being spent within one’s own neighbourhood rather than travelling afar to gain access to activities.

Job Opportunities

As Canada’s global business hub, with many companies headquartered in the heart of downtown, there are plenty of job opportunities. The city is also a great place for entrepreneurs with its many business incubators.


Boasting more than 200 ethnic groups, the city of Toronto welcomes all with open arms and embraces diversity with local festivals and parades that celebrate different cultures.

Art & Culture

From shopping to visiting museums and enjoying the many parks within the city, Toronto is rich in culture. The city is also home to many professional sports teams, like the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays.

Food Scene

Vibrant food selection is one of the many benefits that comes with a Toronto address. In fact, there are neighbourhoods that are specifically known for their food markets and restaurants, such as Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market. On top of that, many world-renowned chefs call Toronto “home,” or at least open restaurants in the city.

While there are many reasons to live in Toronto, it’s important to remember that Toronto real estate is extremely competitive. However, thanks to the city’s liveability and vibrant culture, it has proven that a great quality of life is to be found here, and a move could be well-worth the investment.